CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VII - Information Systems (join with INFITA and 8th WCCA)

Exploitation of wireless telemetry for livestock condition monitoring
Authors: Cao Di, Tsung-Ta Wu, Hock Guan Goh, Bruce Stephen, Kae-Hsiang Kwong, Craig Michie, Ivan Andonovic
Keywords: animal monitoring, wireless sensor network, network connectivity
Identifier: CSBE100712
Formal representation of agricultural production standards
Authors: Edward Nash, Jens Wiebensohn, Raimo Nikkilä, Anna Vatsanidou, Spyros Fountas,
Keywords: knowledge management, production standards, agricultural information systems
Identifier: CSBE100970
Fourier filtering for wheat detection in a context of yield prediction
Authors: Journaux L., Marin A., Cointault F., Miteran J.
Keywords: fourier filtering, image processing, wheat detection, yield prediction
Identifier: CSBE101090
From the construction of an ecological network to the definition of an environmentally sustainable planning model for periurban space
Authors: C.R. Fichera, L. Laudari, G. Modica
Keywords: gis, ecological networks, rural development
Identifier: CSBE101488
Hyperspectral character analysis of rice leaves infested by brown plant-hopper (nilaparvata lugens)
Authors: Zhiyan Zhou, Zuoxi Zhao, Xiwen Luo, Yanfang Li , Yang Zhang, Ying Zang
Keywords: brown plant-hopper, remote sensing, spectral reflectance, vegetation indices, rice leaves
Identifier: CSBE101337
Machine learning models for prediction of added water in milk as a function of milk temperature and some other physical characteristics
Authors: Javad Khazaei, Maryam Nikousiar, Narjes Mohammadi
Keywords: milk, water, machine learning, ann, prediction
Identifier: CSBE101191
Prediction of process and product parametrers in deep bed drying of rough rice using artificial neural network
Authors: M. Tohidi, M. Sadeghi, S. R. Mousavi
Keywords: artificial neural network, performance indices, rough rice
Identifier: CSBE101110
Production process evaluation of wastewater-irrigated plant biomass through life cycle assessment
Authors: Claudia Arcidiacono, Simona M. C. Porto
Keywords: arundo donax, environmental performance, damage categories.
Identifier: CSBE101485
Quantitative analyses aspect of vibrational spectroscopy and its applications in agriculture
Authors: Wenbo Wang, Jitendra Paliwal
Keywords: vibrational spectroscopy, mid-infrared, near-infrared, raman, quantitative analysis, food and agriculture
Identifier: CSBE101162
Quantitative analysis supported in sna of the production milk chain in Brazil
Authors: Mollo, M.N. , I.A. Nääs, O. Vendrametto, M.T. Okano
Keywords: network analysis, graph theory, supply chain.
Identifier: CSBE100837
Radio frequency interactions with air cargo container materials for real time cold chain monitoring
Authors: Magalie Laniel, Ismail Uysal, Jean-Pierre Émond
Keywords: rfid, cold chain monitoring, air cargo transportation, rf propagation
Identifier: CSBE101034
Refrigerated fruit storage monitoring using rfid and wsn
Authors: Luis Ruiz-Garcia , Javier Garcia-Hierro , Pilar Barreiro , Jose Ignacio Robla ,
Keywords: rfid, wsn, monitoring, logistics, cold chain
Identifier: CSBE101159
Remote access of isobus workbench for the isoaglib study and implementation
Authors: Robson Rogério Dutra Pereira, Arthur José Vieira Porto, Ricardo Yassushi Inamasu
Keywords: can protocol, electronic control unit (ecu), isobus, precision agriculture
Identifier: CSBE100502
Remote sensing and gis for rural/urban gradient detection
Authors: C. R. Fichera, G. Modica, M. Pollino,
Keywords: gis, remote sensing, urban/rural gradient
Identifier: CSBE101486
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