CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VII - Information Systems (join with INFITA and 8th WCCA)

Comparison of different methods for sensitivity analysis of composting modelling
Authors: P. Courvoisier, G. Clark
Keywords: sensitivity analysis, numerical model, composting model.
Identifier: CSBE100823
Comparison of fuzzy logic and classic controllers
Authors: H. Masoudi, M. Omid, R.Alimardani, S.S. Mohtasebi
Keywords: mobile robot, proportional control, fuzzy logic control, driver wheels position, greenhouse
Identifier: CSBE101359
Conceptual modeling for the design of a computer-based traceability system
Authors: Giovanni Cascone, Claudia Arcidiacono, Simona M. C. Porto, Umberto Anguzza
Keywords: plant propagating material, voluntary certification.
Identifier: CSBE101471
Crop rows tracking by detecting individual plants using computer vision to guide farming vehicles
Authors: G. Ruiz-Ruiz, J. Gómez-Gil, L. M. Navas-Gracia, M. Cupertino Da Silva Jênior
Keywords: computer vision, row tracking, vehicle guidance.
Identifier: CSBE100699
Decision support systems for environmental management and conservation: a GIS-based model
Authors: Edgar Ferrer
Keywords: gis (geographic information systems), decision support systems, environmental management
Identifier: CSBE101618
Design, fabrication and evaluation of a mobile robot for greenhouse spraying
Authors: H. Masoudi, R. Alimardani, M. Omid, S. S. Mohtasebi, N. Noguchi, K. Ishii
Keywords: mobile robot, ultrasonic sensor, proportional control, greenhouse, spraying
Identifier: CSBE101358
Detection of fUSArium damaged kernels in wheat using hyperspectral imaging
Authors: Muhammad A. Shahin, Stephen J. Symons
Identifier: CSBE100777
Developing a framework based database (or as a central tool for) mapping and analysing research and development on ict and robotics in agriculture and environmental related businesses
Authors: Jürgen Vangeyte, Stepahnie Ms Van Weyenbergh, Jeroen Baert, Iver Thyssen
Keywords: ict, robotics, agriculture, framework, database, technology oriented, managed system,
Identifier: CSBE101182
Developing web-based irrigation models and services
Authors: J. M. Gonçalves , A. Muga, P. Teodoro, G. Rodrigues, M. Neto , R. Jorge , P. Paredes, L. S. Pereira
Keywords: dss, design, irrigation management, web services
Identifier: CSBE100887
Development and use of a web-gis-based information system for the management and supply of hickory environment condition data
Authors: Jiajia Yu, Pengcheng Nie,,Yong He
Keywords: hickory , web gis ,information system , mapserver ,c#
Identifier: CSBE101398
Development of a remote control system for autonomous agricultural vehicles
Authors: X. Zhang
Keywords: autonomous agricultural vehicles
Identifier: CSBE100984
Development of a scada system for access, processing and supervision of data coming from a wireless sensors network in agro-environmental applications
Authors: L. M. N. Gracia, E. M. Bravo, G. R. Ruiz, A. C. Guimaraes, J. G. Gil, F. G. Herrero, F. Baptista, V. F.S D. Cruz, M. De Castro Neto
Keywords: wireless sensor network, database, web services, scada, agro-environmental
Identifier: CSBE101222
Development of an automatic control management system for a greenhouse
Authors: Yutaka Sasaki, Noe Velazquez Lopez, Kazuhiro Nakano
Keywords: greenhouse cultivation, plant diagnosis, computer vision, greenhouse rose, open source computer vision library
Identifier: CSBE100563
Development of rfid temperature tracking systems for combat feeding logistics
Authors: Cecilia Amador, Jean-Pierre Emond
Keywords: rfid, temperature tracking, environmental monitoring, food logistics, combat feeding
Identifier: CSBE100477
Diagdata: a tool for generation of fuzzy inference system
Authors: Silvia Maria Fonseca Silveira Massruhà, Raphael Fuini Riccioti , Helano Póvoas Lima , Carlos Alberto Alves Meira
Keywords: forecast, data mining, decision tree, fuzzy inference system, fuzzy logic, plant diseases.
Identifier: CSBE101224
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