CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VII - Information Systems (join with INFITA and 8th WCCA)

Research on wsn design and formation for drought monitoring in a tea plantation
Authors: Weixing Wang, Daozong Sun
Keywords: wireless sensor network, wsn design, node deployment, network performance, topology formation
Identifier: CSBE100679
Rest-based web services for the discovery and distribution of agricultural production standards
Authors: R. Nikkilä, E. Nash, I. Seilonen, K. Koskinen
Keywords: rest,web services,production standards,agricultural information systems
Identifier: CSBE100584
Reusing content with reUSAble learning objects (rlos): an approach for addressing content issues of agricultural education and extension
Authors: Guntuku Dileepkumar, Sanjay Chaudhary, Kuna Aruna Sai, V Balaji
Keywords: rlos, scorm, odl, agricultural education, extension
Identifier: CSBE101200
Rice plant detection in heading term for autonomous robot navigation
Authors: Ryohei Masuda, Kenta Nakayama, Kazuo Nomura
Keywords: image processing, rice plant detection, rice ear
Identifier: CSBE101157
Rru-slims development of rutgers university's web-based soils laboratory information management system
Authors: Muldowney, R.S., Murphy, S.
Keywords: soil testing software
Identifier: CSBE101154
Simulation on creep process of alfalfa based on virtual prototype
Authors: Wang Chunguang, Zhao Guizhi, Wang Zhuo
Keywords: alfalfa, compression, creep properties, virtual prototype, simulation
Identifier: CSBE100399
Spatio-temporal variability of soil moisture at the field scale using remote and proximal sensing
Authors: Karine Labrecque, Monique Bernier, Michel C. Nolin, Isabelle Perron, Daniel Cluis
Keywords: soil moisture, radarsat-1, ikonos, soil electrical conductivity
Identifier: CSBE101080
Structural plant modelling based on real 3d structural parameters, resulting simulation system and rule-based language xl
Authors: Rentao He, Jiangping Hu, Yong He, Hui Fang
Keywords: branching system,functional - structural 3d plant modelling,tamato,plantgl
Identifier: CSBE101457
Test and evaluation of two process control strategies for adapting direct injection pesticide application to small scale farms
Authors: Abdellah El Aissaoui, Fréderic Lebeau, Marie-France Destain
Keywords: feedback control, direct injection, variable rate application, small scale farms.
Identifier: CSBE101278
The development of process mechanization production and technical specification of the entire process mechanization of rape in eastern China
Authors: Kangyun Zhou
Keywords: rape,whole-process mechanization,technical specification,agricultural engineering
Identifier: CSBE101464
The development of tools for managing, monitoring and assessing water stressed conditions in jamaica
Authors: Johanna Richards, Dr. Chandra Madramootoo, Adrian Trotman
Keywords: drought, standard precipitation index, frequency analysis
Identifier: CSBE101166
Three-tier wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring
Authors: Naiqian Zhang, Wei Han
Keywords: wireless sensor network, mote, radio trasceiver, antenna, gsm, cdma, cellular modem, environmental monitoring, networking
Identifier: CSBE101270
Towards a framework for planning and designing of rural knowledge centres
Authors: Guntuku Dileepkumar, Sanjay Chaudhary, Kuna Aruna Sai, V Balaji
Keywords: ict, knowledge centers, development, framework
Identifier: CSBE101196
Using data mining to evaluate different minimum ventilation systems in broiler houses
Authors: D.J. Moura, T.M.R. Carvalho, I.A. Nääs
Keywords: data mining, decision tree, modeling
Identifier: CSBE100657
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